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I love my strawberry robe. I bought this as a gift for myself when I booked a new job and I wear it at work a lot. I get constant compliments on this fabulous robe! It’s plush, warm, cozy, super cute, well made with great attention to detail. The buttons are one of my favorite things! I also thought the seller had really great communication, constantly updating me about the status of the robe. I highly recommend buying from the one and only Mochipan! You won’t be disappointed!

Suzie G.

There were some issues with the postage of my package (issues with the shipping company I think, not the store itself), but the owner resent my package free of charge and was very kind about it :))


Got the strawberry robe for my adult daughter for Christmas. She LOVES it!!! It’s so soft and the little strawberry buttons and the stem hood are just the cherry (hehehe 😋) on top! I had some issues with delivery at first but it was resolved very quickly and communication was excellent. Thank you 🍓❤️

Caroline A.

The Soft & Cozy Strawberry Robe is, by far, the best item I have ever purchased! Customer support was very helpful and kind. I will definitely be shopping here again.

Dani M.

This is definitely the best purchase i’ve ever made, this robe was SO cute and i just had to get it. It’s incredibly soft and comfy and warm, i wear it all around the house 24/7, and it almost never leaves my side during the winter unless i’m washing it. The design is just adorable and i’m really tempted to buy another robe if they are brought back. The seller is also super sweet and creative, if i won the lottery i think i would have to buy one of everything because it’s all adorable and i love the designs and themes.

Morgan E.

Ordering from Mochipan was great! The shopping and checkout process were both simple and pleasant - and when I had follow up questions regarding my purchase, the customer service was amazing!
I got everything I ordered quickly and I couldn't be happier with the quality. (I wore a sweater I ordered from the Hiroko collection to a party today - and for the first time in my memory, someone complimented my outfit!)

I'll be ordering more, and recommending others to do the same.

Samuel M.

The way she makes these dresses I’m one size shouldn’t stray you away from the experience of buying them. She makes them very beautifully and intricate with detail. Plus I feel like a strawberry fairy and who doesn’t want to feel like that!

Haylee E.

Despite having a few issues with the shipping, the seller is genuinely very kind. I've ordered from them before and did indeed receive my item despite waiting a while, and it came in great condition! So as long as you can have some time to spare, like me in most cases when shopping, you should buy from here because the items are high quality and made with care. Shipping is sadly our of the control of sellers, coming from me who sells some stuff as well. Sometimes it does require a bit of patience on waiting for seller responses. You aren't their only customer so try keeping that in mind! Hopefully the seller's shipping situation is resolved soon, despite that, I have no complaints!