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What is Mochipan?

Hello everyone!

Thank you for looking at my shop.

My name is Rae, and I am the owner and only worker for Mochipan currently. I started Mochipan in January of 2019 on a whim, as it was always something I wanted to try. I never imagined it would turn into my job. This is honestly a dream come true for me, and I owe everyone who shops here a huge thank you for helping me achieve my goals.

Mochipan is a curated shop of eGirl, kawaii, Japanese and Korean aesthetics. A lot of my clothes are very cute and pastel, but I have black, goth, and eGirl clothes here as well. Some of the items are based off of Korean hip hop or kpop fashion, and some are based off of Japanese Harajuku fashion. There are some lolita style clothing items here as well. I have tried to collect items that have a similar aesthetic here. 

I also have kawaii plush items and home decor, as well as accessories and wigs. What kind of item would you like to see more of? Please let me know.

Lastly, I wanted to address something that's been on my mind...

For the beginning half of this year, I honestly hadn't been working on Mochipan with much passion at all. I chose random items from random suppliers, and never made sure quality standards were met. The world was (and still is) going through a lot, and it really affected me too. I started getting bad reviews because of this and it made me realize how I didn't want to become one of those money-hungry shops on Instagram that doesn't care about their customers. I am very sorry to anyone who got a product with poor quality during this time. From now on, I am only using very few suppliers, mostly just one supplier, and I am checking quality, adding branding, tags, and coupons in each package. Starting soon I will include free items in every order.

I promise that Mochipan will never slip to that low standard again. I created Mochipan because I wanted to give people who like this style of clothing and aesthetic a place to enjoy shopping at.


Thank you to everyone who supports Mochipan.

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