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  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)
  • Mushroom Dress (Amanita)

Mushroom Dress (Amanita)

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This whimsical mushroom dress is now in stock!

For everyone who ordered round 2, the Mushroom Dresses have begun shipping out! Over the next 1-2 weeks, everyone should receive a tracking number via email! If you haven't, just contact support at mochipanofficial@gmail.com.



Size exchanges will be available but in very very limited quantity, so it's likely the size exchange you need may not be available. Please make sure to triple check the size chart. Sizing is very forgiving for this item, though, so don't worry too much.


Material: Polyester blend (soft touch, not shiny or reflective. Weighty and heavy, but not suffocating. Think eggshell matte paint) **I know many people wanted cotton, but unfortunately this design cannot be made with cotton right now.

Lining Material:  Silky polyester blend
Pattern Type: Mushroom polka-dots
Length:  Mid-thigh to high-thigh.
Sleeve Length: Lantern Sleeves



Please check the photos for a size chart if you cannot

see this one.

Length of Dress23.5in24.5in24.5in25.5in26.5in27.5in28.5in29.5in30.5in31.5in
Sleeve Length19in19in20in20in20in21in21in22in22in22in
Shoulder Elastic28-48in30-50in32-52in35-55in38-58in41-61in44-64in48-68in52-72in56-76in
Skirt Circumference98in98in98in98in98in102in102in106in106in110in
Strap Width2.5in2.5in2.5in2.5in2.5in2.5in2.5in2.5in2.5in2.5in
Wrist Opening9in9.4in9.4in9.8in9.8in10.2in10.2in10.6in11in11.4in
Strap Length24.8in24.8in24.8in24.8in26.8in26.8in26.8in28.8in28.8in28.8in

Please check the photos for a size chart if you cannot

see this one.

Length of Dress60cm62cm62cm64.5cm67cm69.5cm72cm74.8cm77.5cm80cm
Sleeve Length48cm48cm51cm51cm51cm53cm53cm56cm56cm56cm
Shoulder Elastic71-122cm76-127cm81-132cm89-140cm96.5-147cm104-155cm112-162.5cm122-173cm132-183cm142-193cm
Skirt Circumference250cm250cm250cm250cm250cm260cm260cm270cm270cm280cm
Strap Width6.4cm6.4cm6.4cm6.4cm6.4cm6.4cm6.4cm6.4cm6.4cm6.4cm
Wrist Opening23cm24cm24cm25cm25cm26cm26cm27cm28cm29cm
Strap Length63cm63cm63cm63cm68cm68cm68cm73cm73cm73cm

Due to manual measurements, please allow for a 1.5"to 3cm difference.

The waist is measured as a range to account for the elasticity. Please select a size that is closest to your bust measurement, and then select the waist from there.

For example:

If you have a 40" (101cm bust) and a 30" (76cm) waist, the best size for you is likely: XL

If you have a 45" (114cm) bust and a 38" (96cm) waist, the best size for you is likely: 2XL or 3XL.

It is okay to select a waist measurement smaller than what you are due to the elastic, but please pick a size that matches your waist as close to the first number in the range as possible. 


     Hand washing is recommended
     Do not bleach
     Use of standard washers and dryers is fine

  • Dry clean using PCE Only
  • Do not soak in hot water and laundry detergent for a long time
  • Wash inside out with similar colors


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➤ Processing time: 2-5 days for almost all items.

➤ Free Shipping time: 12-20 days


Additional Information

I've been operating since 2019, crafting a diverse range of products such as dresses, robes, cardigans, purses, and more. Over this period, I've cultivated strong relationships with manufacturers, ensuring a seamless production process and delivering top-notch quality.


The item showcased in the photo serves as a prototype for bulk production. Expect the item you receive to mirror this design precisely. While major defects are discarded, minor imperfections may exist, albeit minimal and inconsequential to the product's overall appearance and functionality. These might include a few loose threads that don't compromise seam strength. By making a purchase, you acknowledge and accept the potential presence of these minor flaws.


Shipping Time:
Delivery estimates are provided with the understanding that delays may occur. Your patience during the manufacturing phase is appreciated. Regular updates will be sent out, so ensure you're subscribed to receive emails. While I strive for timely delivery, please note that it's not always guaranteed.


Once production commences, refunds are not possible as funds are allocated to production costs. Additionally, you're responsible for any customs or VAT fees incurred. While I work hard to minimize these charges, they may still apply. Failure to settle these fees may necessitate reshipment at your expense if the package is returned. Once an item is shipped, shipping costs are non-refundable. Please verify your shipping address for accuracy to avoid any issues.