Mochipan Reviews

Hi everyone! Rae here. <- Mochipan founder :)

Is Mochipan legit? Is Mochipan trustworthy?

I have seen a lot of people googling terms like this, looking for Mochipan reviews. I wanted to make a quick blog post to hopefully help you out on your search, and prove to you that my company is trustworthy.

Here is where you can find reviews:

Bottom of the product page

For starters, if customers have left a review on a particular item, you can view that at the bottom of the item's page. Not all of our items have reviews, which is usually due to a very small amount of that item being sold or the customers who purchased it not leaving reviews.


Mochipan has a lot of great reviews over at Trustpilot. You can view them hereThere are a few negative ones, unfortunately. Everyone who has left a negative review has been contacted in an attempt to fix their problem, but some have not replied. As a business, it is impossible to make every single person happy, but I do try my absolute best.


I have a collection of wonderful reviews saved in my highlights on Instagram. Here, you can see what the clothes look like on real customers and also a few influencers. 

Home Page

On the home page of Mochipan, I have a few banners that feature some Trustpilot reviews as well as Instagram reviews.


Hopefully this has been helpful for you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via email or IG! is the email I currently use :)

Thanks! -Rae