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  • (Pre-Order) Kaho Shibuya Mousepad
  • (Pre-Order) Kaho Shibuya Mousepad
  • (Pre-Order) Kaho Shibuya Mousepad
  • (Pre-Order) Kaho Shibuya Mousepad
  • (Pre-Order) Kaho Shibuya Mousepad
  • (Pre-Order) Kaho Shibuya Mousepad
  • (Pre-Order) Kaho Shibuya Mousepad
  • (Pre-Order) Kaho Shibuya Mousepad
  • (Pre-Order) Kaho Shibuya Mousepad

(Pre-Order) Kaho Shibuya Mousepad

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Official launch date: January 5th

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The estimated delivery date for this item is April/May


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The long anticipated Kaho Shibuya collaboration has finally landed at Mochipan! Are you a fan of Kaho? Or, do you just simply love these adorable clothes and merch?

Designed in collaboration with Kaho Shibuya. She picked the concept, colors, and certain aspects of the design. Final design was completed by me, Rae from Mochipan :)

A special thank you to the beautiful Kaho Shibuya for working with me on these amazing designs!



Please note:

No refunds or cancellations on pre-order items.


Material: Lycra fabric +PU base, silicone filled wrist rest,  

Size: 26*21*2.5cm, individual polybag packing


Please note:

No refunds or cancellations on pre-order items. Size exchanges will be available but in very very limited quantity, so it's likely the size exchange you need may not be available. Please make sure to triple check the size chart.


     Hand washing is recommended
    Do not bleach, iron, or use any strong chemicals. Soaking in the sink with dish soap and rinsing, then hand dying, should be sufficient.


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This item is a pre-order item. Estimate delivery is April/May

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I've been in business since 2019. Throughout this time, I've made various kinds of products including dresses, robes, cardigans, purses, and more. I have established a reliable connection with manufacturers for all my products, and can ensure a smooth production process and quality products.  I met Kaho around 2020 when she made a purchase from my online store. At the time, I was living in Japan and so I went to spend a day with her in Harajuku, and this turned into a wonderful friendship. Kaho is one of the sweetest, kindest people I know, and I am so excited to have her as a part of this project.


The item in the photo that you see is a sample product. This sample is the base for bulk production. You can rest assured the item you receive will be exactly the same as the design and sample. Any products with major defects will go in the reject pile, but minor defects may still be possible. These shall be minimal and not affect the overall appearance/use of the products unless closely inspected.  This will only include a few loose threads here and there, that do not affect seam strength, By ordering, you understand and agree to the possibility of these minor defects. 

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Delivery times are estimates and there is always the possibility of delays. I ask that you kindly bare with me during the manufacturing process. I will be sending updates out at least once a month, so please make sure you're signed up to receive emails. Please understand that delivery times are not 100% guaranteed. 


Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances once production (bulk production of the final goods) has begun, as the funds go directly into production. Please understand that you are also responsible for all customs/VAT fees that may incur. I send out my products in a way that makes it unlikely for you to be charged customs/VAT, but it is still possible. If you do not pay these charges, shipping may need to be paid again if the package is returned to sender. Once an item has shipped, shipping is no longer refundable under any circumstances. Please ensure your address is correct.

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