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Pre-Sample Pre-Order Info! All you need to know about this unique ordering style.

Hi everyone!

Here is all the info you need to understand the pre-sample pre-order seen on my site.

Pre-sample pre-orders are the same thing as a typical pre-order (which means ordering a product before the bulk production has begun). However, there are some important differences to note.

1. Pre-sample pre-orders don't feature a completed item yet, and instead have a design drawing to represent what the final product will look like.

2. During the pre-sample pre-order phase, there will be extra incentives such as freebies and also higher discounts.

3. You are welcome to get a refund at any point during the pre-sample phase. After the sample has been made, there will be a 2-week grace period so that people can get refunded if they don't like the real product. After that two week period, the product completely enters the pre-order phase and will no longer be refundable, no matter when purchased.

4. Size charts are often not available immediately. As production of the sample goes on, the size chart is completed. Once there's a finished size chart, I will send it over to you via email, upload it to social media, and upload it here. Size changes are welcome at any point until the product enters production, which happens at the END of the pre-order phase.



1. Will the product REALLY look like the drawing?

Yes! I do my best to draw designs as accurately as possible, keeping in mind what type of fabric would be used, etc. There are naturally going to be some differences due to the nature of creating a drawing in real life. However, there will be no major changes at all.

2. How long will this take??

About 2-5 months. It depends on the particular project itself. Every time I have an update, the listing will be updated on the website. Currently we are looking at:

  • Artist Jacket: Sample expected to finish by 6/1/2024
  • Honey Bee Swimsuit: Sample expected to finish by 5/25/24
  • Honey Bee Short Dress: Sample expected to finish by 5/28/24
  • Woodland Shorts: Sample expected to finish by 6/25/24

Please keep in mind that there may or may not be additional samples needed to produce the perfect product. I do my best to get it right on round one, but sometimes it doesn't happen so smoothly.

3. I ordered in stock and pre-order/pre-sample pre-order products at the same time. When will it ship?

This type of order will ship when the latest product to be produced is finished. If you'd like to split your order shipments, please e-mail us. Note that an additional shipping fee is likely required in these cases.