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  • (Pre-Sample Pre-Order) Strawberry Jam Sweater
  • (Pre-Sample Pre-Order) Strawberry Jam Sweater

(Pre-Sample Pre-Order) Strawberry Jam Sweater

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This product has already entered sampling and is just awaiting the final sample. Final sample is estimated to complete in 2 weeks (from 6/6/2024)

From there, a pre-order will be opened for 2 months.

If you order this in the "pre-sample" stage, you can get a refund at any point for any reason, no questions asked! Once the final sample is posted, you will have 2 weeks to apply for any refunds or size changes. 

A size chart will be available and sent to everyone who has ordered once the sample is complete. Size changes are accepted at this time.

Estimate arrival time: August-September


Read more about pre-sample pre-orders HERE!


Sizing for pre-sample pre-order items will be released once the sample is complete. The sizing chart will be sent to all customers who ordered and you will have the option to change sizes if needed.

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This product will only be produced if at least 50 units are supported by September 30, 2024 20:49 (Central Time (US & Canada))

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