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Why You Should Choose Mochipan


First of all, thank you for coming to my shop! I wanted to talk a little bit about what makes Mochipan different from other sellers.

  • For one, Mochipan's prices are always very competitive. When I am adding a product, I compare it to other shops who may have the same supplier or factory. I make sure to undercut the price as much as I can to give you guys the cheapest prices on the internet.
  • Free world wide shipping!
  • I price match. If you find an item somewhere else cheaper, I will do my best to match that price if not beat it.
  • Next, because of the trusted supplier I work with, I have access to many items that other shops say are "sold out".
  • I do monthly giveaways. Sometimes on all platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and sometimes just on one, but there is always a giveaway going on!
  • Mochipan gives customers huge coupons all the time. For example, on Instagram we always post "use code mochi for 15% off" while other brands only do 10% off, and their products are more expensive! When you make an order, you can get a new coupon for anywhere up to 25% off. If you review your purchase, you can get another 20% off code. In every package shipped, there will be a card with a surprise coupon code on the back. You can also join our rewards program, Mochi Points, to get cash rewards towards future purchases.

These are just a few of the many reasons Mochipan is great.

I am constantly working to improve this site and make it a better shopping experience for everyone, so please keep supporting me!

Thank you so much! xoxo